Four Ways to A Safer Chatham

Four Ways to A Safer Chatham

Sunday, August 28, 2022 Prioritizing Public Safety Petition

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Chatham should not accept the possibility of losing our hard-earned reputation as a safe and secure place to live. As long-term residents of Chatham Township, it is shocking how increasingly common news of car thefts, stolen property and home break-ins have become.

We recognize that there is not an overnight reset to the “way things were” and of course we do not blame our local police. Fully funding and unwavering support of law enforcement must remain a pillar of our common values. Dangerous public safety work and the essential services of first responders should never be diminished or discounted.In support of those that protect us, we want to take cautious responsibility to maintain the safety of our neighborhoods.

We respectfully submit three ways to contribute to safety and a fourth step to request action at the state level to address this issue. This is not a comprehensive list or a silver bullet, but these are realistic steps to address the problem:

1) Lock up. You have heard this, lock your cars, lock your home and take your vehicle keys inside.

2) Light up. Unfortunately, criminality is happening at all hours, but exterior lights are still a deterrent that help at night. Turn on all outdoor lights all night, even motion sensors can be set to be on all night.

3) Number up. A clearly marked house number helps first responders find your home quickly and also assist in finding a neighboring home that may not be marked clearly.

4) Sign up. We have begun a petition to appeal to the State Legislature and Attorney General to restore the time-tested laws, policies and approaches that existed prior to the rapid rise of crime in our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, too many of these crimes are perpetrated by the same people, known to law enforcement. We need action at the State level to revert the recent “reforms” that created the current system of catch-and-release and return to time tested approaches. Sign the petition here:

Please share this petition link ( with anyone in Chatham 18 years or older. Public outcry helped to partially reverse the restrictions on police pursuit earlier this year. A return to time tested policies is possible if we can unite for safety.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We are both residents of this community for more than 25 years and we want nothing more than to have all current and future residents enjoy the proud reputation Chatham has earned as a safe and secure community.

Best Regards,

Ron Rubino & Dawn Flynn

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