Rubino & Flynn For Chatham Township Committee

Republican Results For Chatham Township

Prioritize Public Safety
   Our Township cannot lose it's hard earned reputation for safety and security. Unwavering and fully funded support of law enforcement must be a core principle in Chatham Township.   Public safety work and the essential services of first responders cannot be diminished, or impeded.  Public safety must be supported by time tested policies and approaches. 

Stop Tax Increases
We can't go back to runaway tax increases that do not support our schools, our Library,  recreation or sewer improvements.  When Township Democrats campaigned on fiscal sanity, past voters gave them their trust and a majority.  Our opponent just took this opportunity to increase the municipal tax rate nearly 20% and the debt over 33%.  They did this all in only two years!  We are committed to the fiscal principals and efficient results that past and current Republicans have delivered for taxpayers.
Focus on Quality of Life
The charm of Chatham is worth maintaining.  Quality of life in our Township is due in part to shared municipal infrastructure.  Improvements should be directed to support residents and to maintain the character of the Township. This means paving roads, keeping public bathrooms open, attending to our public parks and responsible facilities maintenance.  Taxes must make effective improvements directly benefiting current residents.

Protect Open Space & Our Environment

We all benefit from the Township's many incredible open spaces anchored by the Great Swamp Refuge and the Passaic River watershed.  Both active and passive open space contain environmental resources that require a commitment to responsible stewardship.  We must meet this challenge.

Stop Overdevelopment & Forced Progressive Change

Our Township cannot avoid all change but we must fight radical transformation and over-development that breaks our zoning master plan.  Chatham Township has a heritage and character that is worth retaining.